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Urban Habitats

Urban Habitats

With ten different stations along our route, the West Somerset Railway winds its way through a variety of different urban habitats, from the industry and new estates surrounding Bishops Lydeard to smaller towns such as Williton and larger harbour and coastal towns such as Watchet and Minehead.  The sheer diversity of this spread means that there are opportunities for a wide range of creatures to live and thrive. 

Did you know that the UK’s gardens together represent an area larger than all of our National Nature Reserves combined? 

As well as providing us with a relaxing and pleasant space, our gardens form an important defence against climate change, offsetting our carbon footprint with oxygen producing trees, shrubs, flowers and vegetables and providing shelter and food for a range of  insects, small mammals and amphibians in an increasingly built-up world.  Even a simple window box can make a difference, providing food and protection for pollinators. 

Trees and shrubs provide shelter miniature mammals, insects and nesting birds, whilst feeders offer a reliable food source no matter how cold the weather.

A garden pond can provide a safe home for freshwater species such as frogs and newts as well as insect life, while in parks you may see creatures such as grass snakes, foxes and owls.