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STEM Investigation Sessions

Railway themed STEM Investigation Sessions

Learning sessions can be extended with the addition of a STEM-related investigation- allow at least an additional hour in your visit for these.  Many of these can be adapted to suit either a KS1 or KS2 class – let us know what you require when you book. Further details on request.

The Gauge investigation – exploring the differences between Brunel’s broad gauge and the standard gauge railway lines. 

Beginning with a maths problem-solving activity using standard or non-standard measures, children investigate the difference in width between a broad gauge and a standard gauge line.  They then explore the science behind Brunel’s design, comparing the stability of a broad-based structure over a narrow one. 

Brunel’s Great Bridge Challenge

Based around Science and Engineering/DT, children are invited to explore some of the different types of bridge design before exploring, selecting and shaping different materials in order to design and build a bridge sturdy enough to hold a variety of different weights.

Stevenson’s Rocket Challenge

Based around science and engineering, the session explores how steam is used to power a locomotive, with children constructing their own compressed-air powered locomotive.

Attempting the Bridge Challenge
Stevenson’s Rocket