The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

Loan Boxes:
WW2 and Evacuation

Loan Box 5: WW2 and Evacuation (KS2)

Children investigate what life might have been like for a child during the Second World War, making comparisons with their own lives. 

  • Cardboard suitcase containing clothing for an evacuee boy and girl
  • Knitted teddy bear
  • Bag of marbles
  • Replica rationing book and ID card
  • Pouch containing replica coins from wartime era
  • Replica incendiary bomb
  • Replica rationing pack
  • Perspex case containing WW2 civilian gas mask
  • Background information about WW2 and Operation Pied Piper
  • Information about the picture packs and how to use them.
  • A series of teaching resources and activities including:
    • Packing to Leave – a drawing/notetaking activity, encouraging children to think about what they would take with them if evacuated
    • Make your own ID card – a replica ID card
    • Exploring Rationing – Children explore wartime rationing and make their own replica ration book.
    • Make your own gas mask box – replica labels to support in the making of gas mask boxes.
    • Finding a Family – a drama activity encouraging children to explore different evacuee scenarios.
    • Writing a letter home – planning frame to support a drama or written task