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Resource packs:
Isambard Kingdom brunel

Resource Pack 3: Famous Individuals – Isambard Kingdom Brunel (KS1)

  • Teachers Pack Contains:

    • Background information about Brunel’s life and work
    • Information about the picture packs and how to use them.
    • A series of teaching resources and activities including:
      • What did Brunel build? – a sorting activity, encouraging children to explore some of Brunel’s work.
      • The Great Western Challenge – a role play or writing activity, encouraging children to find solutions to some of the problems faced by Brunel during the building of the GWR.
      • The Great Bridge Challenge – a STEM project. Children investigate techniques, construct a model, then test and evaluate their designs.  Includes challenge cards and complete pupil record book. 


Picture Pack 1 – Timeline placing the Industrial Revolution

A basic timeline showing events from the present back to the beginning of the 19th century.

Picture Pack 1A – Timeline of Brunel’s Life

A more detailed timeline showing some of Brunel’s key achievements.

Picture Pack 2 – Representations of Brunel

A selection of different photos, paintings and sculptures of Isambard Kingdom Brunel

Picture Pack 3 – Things That Brunel Built

A selection of pictures showing some of Brunel’s most famous structures.

Picture Pack 4 – Pre-railway Transport

A set of pictures showing the types of transport available before trains. 

Picture Pack 5 – The Impact of the Railways

A selection of pictures showing how the railways changed so many aspects of everyday life.