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HCP Progress Report for Feb 2024

Posted on March 13, 2024

Heritage Carriages Project - Progress Report Feb 2024

On the 6th February the carriages team started its move to Washford.Our tme during February has been entrely focused on the move to Washford and the creaton of our workshop facilites there. During these past four weeks we have achieved the following:

  • An electrical inspection has been carried out – no problems found and an EICR has been issued.
  • Over two days we transported roughly 90% of the contents of the Titern and the old woodshop from Williton to Washford.
  • The third-lane flour has been degreased and cleaned. This part of the shed now acts as a holding area for much of the equipment and materials arriving from Williton, while we organise the rest of the workshop spaces and main shed.
  • The ground flour workshop walls have been waterproofed with a tanking slurry and are now ready for painting. The internal wall of the ground floor workshop has been painting, as have all the walls of the mezzanine workshop. 
  • We have fixed the leaking gutter on the end wall of the shed; we hope this will help with the damp on the end wall which is currently being waterproofed. 
  • The air compressor pipework has been reconnected to the air distribition system and the air reciever and the power cable routed to the distribution box; this now awaits connection by the electrician.
  • The dust-extracton unit has been positoned outside the shed adjacent to the rear door.
  • Some 18 metres of storage shelving have been made, divided between two units. One has
    been placed in the mezzanine workshop and the other in the main shed.
  • We have moved the long bench from the ground-floor workshop to the mezzanine and this is
    being remodeled to form the basis of a purpose-built miter saw bench.
  • We will place a second bench in the mezzanine workshop which will support the bench-top
    pedestal drill which we have moved from the ground floor.
  • The worktable from Tintern has been placed in the mezzanine workshop.
  • The pipe work for the vacuum pump has been made and is ready to be fi1ed to the pump.

6705 was moved into the shed on February 13th. Works on the carriage will recommence once we
have completed our move to Washford and the organizaton of our workshops.

SMS Documentaton: Roughly 30 documents have been wri1en describing many of the processes
and procedures used on-site.

Plans for February 2024

  1. Washford
    • Complete painng of workshop walls.
    • Electrician scheduled March 26th to make required changes to installaton to
      accommodate new machine tools and connect dust extractor, air compressor and
      vacuum pump.
    • Install ducting for dust extractor.
      d. Build racking for timber storage.
    • Build four staging sectons to enable safe working on 6705.

2.  Safety Documentary

Work will contnue on our documentation set, focusing now to include machine-specific risk assessments
prioritzed in the order the machines are likely to be implemented in the Washford workshops.