The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

Business Plan 2023-2025

Posted on June 8, 2023

The WSRHT Board of Trustees are pleased to publish the 2023-2025 Business Plan. This document is also available on the About the Trust page too

The updated Business Plan explains the Trust’s work for the past few years, with a future outlook covers the three calendar years 2023, 2024 and 2025. It will be rolled forward on an annual basis.

The Heritage Trust aims:

To advance the education of the public in railway lines, equipment and buildings and their heritage in particular by:

  1. Establishing, managing and operating railway museums;
  2. Delivering educational workshops and talks to the public at large, including to school groups, students and families; and
  3. The restoration and management of historic carriages and Great Western Railway and other rolling stock

"To encourage and engage with visitors through interpretation of the social and economic and physical impact of the railway in Somerset and the West Somerset Railway corridor in particular. To inform and inspire the next generation, particularly through the STEM subjects, the science, technology and engineering of railways and its relevance to mathematics as well as history, geography and economics."

WSRHT 2023-25 Business Plan