The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

Resignation of David Baker

Posted on October 24, 2020

David Baker is the second Trustee to resign from the West Somerset Steam Railway Trust as a result of the attempted hostile takeover, David writes:

“It was with a very sad heart that I tendered my resignation as a Trustee but like Chris Austin the constant threats, besmirchment of character and bullying became too much to bear. At nearly 80 years of age the body and mind can only take so much and the threat of Police Action was the final straw. At my age life is very precious and for it to be shortened by this worry was too much. I have always done what I have thought best for the Railway. Others may disagree and healthy debate is always good for all sides but the current situation is unacceptable.

“When I turned up to a Volunteers Day over 25 years ago I had no idea of my journey on the WSR. Jill and I thought it would only be for a year or two. The opportunities and roles that have come our way have been tremendous and we have had the good fortune to meet some lovely people.

“The Bailey Report gives the Railway a golden opportunity to put the Railway on the right road for the future. Do not lose this opportunity.

“Those that want Revolution instead of Evolution, be careful for what you want. History tells you that Revolutions do not always turn out the way you think. Be careful for what you wish.”

Jill and I wish the Railway family all the best for the future and we will be watching from a distance and may positivity win.”