The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

No 6705 – a progress report

Posted on September 8, 2016

This particular update centres very much on the internal work being carried out on 6705 currently.

On-site today (Tuesday 6th of September) and working towards the completion of the internal compartments were Ray Walter, Allan Howles, Roger Legge, Derek Blazdell and Greg McNelly. Work continues on the completion of the internal panelling, as you can see from the photographs, each compartment has its own job list, these are being worked through and crossed off as they are completed. In hand is the seeking of a suitable upholstering specialist to complete the internal upholstering.

A note on floor finishings. Whereas the toplight coaches of the 1900’s era had diagonal boarded flooring, (two layers, with a sawdust layer between the two as a form of insulation (wooden coaches generated plenty of sawdust so this was a convenient way of using it), the Collett era coaches had a boarded flooring covered with a composite screed, this was almost certainly in an attempt to reduce the risk of fire.

Claire Sheppy



Ray Walter and Greg McNelly cleaning and removing burrs from nuts and bolts.



Roger Legge affixing panelling.



Allan Howles painting luggage rack bracket supports.



Job list for compartment F.



Cleared and swept compartment ready for floor covering.



Derek Blazdell cutting notch in ply panelling.