The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

The Gauge Museum

The Gauge Museum is housed in the former GWR goods shed at Bishops Lydeard.

In 2017 the WSRHT took on the responsibility for managing the Gauge Museum situated within the former GWR Goods shed on Platform 1, Bishops Lydeard station. We successfully applied for lottery funding to redevelop the museum. This refurbishment was completed in early 2021.

The Gauge Museum aims to promote education by furthering interest in and appreciation of railway lines, equipment, buildings, and construction and steam or other traction engines of historical engineering or scientific importance. Bishops Lydeard goods shed, originally built in 1862, supported the economic and social developments locally by enabling the speedy transportation and delivery of goods by rail.

There will be periods when the museum is unstaffed, and visitors show themselves around, and days when volunteers are on hand to conduct visitors through the sleeping car, demonstrate the working of the model railway, the facsimile of Powderham Signal Box and bring some of the stories to life for visitors.

The museum tells the story of the West Somerset Railway and west country railways in general. It describes how the railways were vital to the local community and shows the type of goods carried. A visit to the museum is an ideal starting point for your trip on the railway.

How do I visit the Gauge Museum?

The Gauge Museum is open on West Somerset Railway running days, it is also possible to hold small functions or to make special opening arrangements outside of these times – see the Contacts page if you require further details.

GWR Sleeping Car 9038 is normally open whenever the Gauge Museum is open by the Heritage Trust stewards. It is sometimes possible to make special opening arrangements – see the Contacts page if you require further details.

The museum is supported by Bishops Lydeard station staff and by the Friends of Bishops Lydeard Station. The museum is run by volunteers and financed by donations from visitors; admission is free.