The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

Love your Railway campaign week - #The Future

This week’s theme is #The Future. This theme is the last of this nationwide ‘Love your Railway‘ campaign and on behalf of the Heritage Trust and the wider West Somerset Railway community – thank you for your support. 

We’re optimistic and excited about the summer ahead, but the last 12 months have been like no other year, with lockdowns, reduced capacities due to social distancing, and staff and volunteers falling victim to the virus. There are more than 150 operational heritage railways in Britain, running trains over nearly 600 miles of track, which protect, conserve and bring to life part of the nation’s rich cultural heritage - giving enjoyment and learning to thousands of people every year. We want to do all we can to raise awareness of every heritage railway across the country and the challenges we face; all the participating railways will be posting their own social media content across the six themed weeks, but we also want to encourage the public to get involved by sharing their favourite memories and inspiring imagery from their visits, using the hashtag #LoveYourRailway.

‘Love Your Railway’ aims to shine a spotlight on not only the important work heritage railways do with regards to historic conservation, education and research, but also highlight how the nation’s heritage railways have all been badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in terms of reduced capacities and income which have threatened their very existence.

The WSRA is pleased to be supporting the WSR plc in this great initiative for the railway heritage movement in the UK.
Mike Sherwood
WSRA Chairman

The WSR is pleased to support the ‘Love Your Railway’ campaign to highlight the work that heritage lines, such as ourselves, all over the country do to conserve, protect, promote, entertain and educate people about Britain’s rich 200-year railway history and culture Heritage railways in the South West, and across the country, have all had a very difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic with severely restricted operations and mounting financial losses, so we need more people to come and visit us this Summer just to survive and keep the wheels turning for the future.

The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust is delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the ‘Love Your Railway’ campaign. As one of the two principal support charities on the WSR, the Trust is already taking a leading role in preserving, maintaining and managing a range of heritage items and activities across the railway, including museums and restoration of important heritage carriages.
Steve Williams
WSRHT Chairman, and WSR plc director