The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

Loan Boxes:
The Industrial revolution

Loan Box 4: Victorian Britain (KS2)

Children discover how the railways became a defining part of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, changing people’s lives throughout the Victorian period and establishing the framework of the modern world.

  • Victorian copy of the London Times
  • A carriage clock
  • Replica vintage football
  • Replica crate containing fresh produce
  • Replica crate containing fresh seafood
  • Replica fish and chips portion
  • Replica parcels and letters
  • Replica bucket and spade
  • Replica candlestick telephone
  • Background information about the Industrial Revolution and the growth of the railways
  • Information about the picture packs and how to use them.
  • A series of teaching resources and activities including:
    • Travelling the long way round – a writing or role play activity exploring what pre-railway transport was like.
    • For or against the railways – a drama-based activity exploring some of the different views about the building of the railways.
    • Re-defining the landscape – a discussion activity, exploring the impact that industrialisation had on Britain’s environment and landscape.
    • Was the Industrial Revolution a force for good? A planning frame to support either discussion or written work exploring the positive and negative aspects of industrialisation.