The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

Resource packs: Edwardian Homes

Resource Pack 2: Living at 3 Chimneys: Exploring Edwardian Life through the eyes of the Railway Children (EYFS/KS1)

  • Background information about Edwardian Britain/E Nesbit’s Novel
  • Information about the picture packs and how to use them.
  • A series of teaching resources and activities including:
    • Life in Edwardian Times – a sorting and matching activity, encouraging children to compare Edwardian Life with their own modern experiences.
    • How did life change for the Railway Children? a role play or writing activity, encouraging children to engage with the events in the novel.
    • Dress Like the Railway Children – a paper doll making, exploring the features of Edwardian children’s clothing.
    • Saviours of the Train – a role play or writing activity, re-telling the famous story of how the children in the novel saved the train.
    • Flags and Safety – a reading/making activity: children follow simple instructions to make their own set of guard’s flags.
    • Edwardian Washday – a discussion/role-play activity. Children explore some of the appliances used for washing in Edwardian times and follow a role play script to act out the process of Edwardian Washday.


Picture Pack 1 – Timeline to Edwardian Times

A basic timeline showing events from the present back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Picture Pack 2 – Household Items, Edwardian and Modern

A selection of pictures of Edwardian household items and their modern equivalent.

Picture Pack 2a – Edwardian home Interiors

A selection of pictures showing Edwardian house interiors.

Picture Pack 3 – Edwardian Clothing

A selection of pictures showing Edwardian Clothes.

Picture Pack 4 – Signalling and Safety

A selection of pictures showing how signals and flags are used on the railway to keep people safe.

Picture Pack 5 – Edwardian Washday

A selection of pictures showing some of the equipment used to wash clothes in Edwardian times.