The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

A note from Chris Price

Posted on October 25, 2020

Please see the note below from Chris Price, Vice Chair Heritage Railway Association:

This afternoon I have spent time reading through the online discussions and bringing myself up to speed on the WSR current situation. As Vice-chair of the HRA I have no, (or indeed right) to take sides. However, I can confirm that in communications I have had with Mr Pratt the only impression I have gleaned is of a man selflessly dedicated to the WSR with no other agenda. In fact, I can also confirm that all three chairs have behaved with dignity, integrity and unity.

My overriding impression is that the best chance the WSR has is to back the current governance and give the space needed to allow the Bailey report, (which has no NYMR influence or connection) to be implemented. In my opinion, attempts to eject governance or individuals will delay process and deepen resentment, and thus will increase the very real risk to the future of the WSR.

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Chris Price

Vice Chair HRA.