The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

A wash and brush-up for 9038

Posted on March 19, 2020

After a stay of two and a half months in the loco compound, while the Gauge Museum was repainted and refurbished, the Trust’s sleeping car, GWR no 9038, returned to the museum on Wednesday 18 March 2020.  Before being allowed back inside the building, the sleeping car was given a thorough wash and brush-up in the cattle dock road.

The gang attack the sleeping car with mops and hoses to remove the grime of 10 weeks outdoors.
Internal evidence.  Volunteer Richard Gibb makes the windows sparkle, taken from inside the coach.
Safely in under cover.  The walkway (formerly a storage area) has been opened up to allow visitors to enter the car from the up side.  The 11 metre long map of the line in 1910 (in the heyday of the sleeping car) is on the left.