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Work continues apace on BCK no 6705

Posted on November 16, 2018

Work continues apace on BCK 6705, with all of the compartments virtually completed now, (basically they just await carpeting), work recently has very much concentrated on the two toilets, the attached photograph shows the toilet at the third class end of the coach.

The second photograph shows one of the third class compartments with the first aid kit hung prominently so it can be found quickly if necessary. The coach itself will actually carry a first aid kit, but it will be carried with the guard, not in the compartment, it will comprise of a modern first aid kit but kept in a genuine Great Western Railway first aid kit box.

The aim is to have the coach completed by May 2019. Greg McNelly, together with his team, average 10 to 12 man days per week, but more volunteers are welcome, especially as work has now recommenced on TK 3639, after a pause of several years in order to turn our attentions to BCK 6705. Work parties are held on Wednesdays Thursdays and Fridays every week unless otherwise announced.

Claire Sheppy 16 November 2018