The West Somerset Railway Heritage Trust WSRHT

News update

Posted on July 9, 2016

Work on 6705 continues apace with much work being done on varnishing of the internal compartments. We have also seen a rise in the number of volunteers, and at the West Somerset Steam Railway Trust board meeting held on 4th of July, after balloting the various volunteers for their views, have decided upon the recommencement of work on the toplight third coach number 3639, which has been sitting under a tarpaulin at the one end of the Swindon shed for some while now waiting to be recommenced.

At the invitation of Steve Williams of the WSR plc, several of the board and volunteers of the West Somerset Steam Railway Trust took part in the quiz at the Oake Village Hall on the evening of Saturday second of July. We fielded a full team of Chris Austin, Chris Bolt, Ian Coleby, Greg McNelly, Ray Clack and Claire Sheppy, and are pleased to be able to announce that we came a very respectable third out of 15 or 16 teams.

The photo shows a recent review of one of the internal compartments and it’s wonderful varnishing! The photo was taken by Peter Thompson.



Update provided by Claire Sheppy 8 July 2016